yes I got my ice cream.

There was an ice cream truck outsidd after rehearsal today and I ran to get money but I slipped and fell on the concrete and now my hands and knees are all bloody, why do bad things happen

HI! I am SO excited to see your show (and everyone else's) at the movies for the live thing!! Our marching band rents out one of the theaters each year just to see it :D Also I saw you for realsies in Dayton for WGI stuff, but you were busy doing important-looking things so I didn't say hi then. BUT I will say hi now. HI! Thanks for being so awesome and pro at stuff

Means a lot, hope you enjoy the show! :)


Guys look who I met!!! Emma findthatfire was so nice and so helpful! She was super cool😊 Lane was cool too and taller than I expected splantamello . And David paranoid-android92 was super cool too and shorter than I expected and I sat on the 30 yd line coincidentally. I also met antoniomitchell81 and he was really nice. And I met Colin the drum major and he was cool. And I met Thomas on guard (I can’t remember his URL). I saw thatdrumcorpsguy but I didn’t say hi bc I was on my way to leave. Tonight was great! I can’t wait for the show in Atlanta!!!

Great getting to meet you! :)


Saw David (paranoid-android92) today at Drums of Summer in Tulsa! Great show guys!

This was a fun show :D

How long is the average run at spirit, in time and distance (or your best guess), thanks :)

Idk, I really didn’t run this season cause I was broken lol.

How many people audition for the cymbal line?

We had like 20 something people audition for this season.

Have you ever had to turn anyone down for a photo because they asked at a moment when you were clearly busy or locked in for a show? And if so, how awkward was it? Also, I saw your show is San Antonio and it blew my mind!

Yeah, I just say “I’m sorry, I really have to get this done” or whatever. People actually don’t talk to me when I’m clearly in the zone though. Not too awkward, they’re understanding.
And glad you liked the show!


Met @splantamello and paranoid-android92 today

aw yiss

yay swamp tour
show in Lafayette, LA tonight!

is that his username? it doesn't show up when I search it

I asked him…he didn’t remember entirely lol. I think it might’ve been “euphpet20something” or other.

Do u know of any more bandish youtubers ? Love yew btw:D

Brian’s (brianisat) channel is Euphpet2015, he has some cool vids.